Sei nell’angolo di Scozia dove pinte di birra, whisky e comfort food si fondono nel luogo perfetto per rilassarti e farti godere le tue ore libere con il vicino di sgabello, con chi sta dietro al bancone o semplicemente chi sta ascoltando buona musica.


Amiamo definire l’esperienza al The Public House una “bevuta sociale”, un punto di condivisione dove i sapori e le atmosfere scozzesi sono i protagonisti indiscussi.


The Public House è il ritrovo di chi vuole ascoltare la storia incredibile della persona al proprio fianco, stringere rapporti e condividere ricordi e momenti.


E’ la nostra mission, quella di farti vivere un’esperienza indimenticabile.

Perchè noi siamo qui per questo, siamo qui per voi.


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The place where you can feel at home

My Story

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My PUB story begins exactly on the day of my birth. Yes, because my dad worked together with his brothers in the family BAR, a historic bar in my small town being one of the oldest, if not the oldest bar always run by the same family. Over the years then I always frequented the BAR, occasionally in the summer periods maybe helping out a little, making coffee, doing deliveries and table service. Once I got older, I gradually moved away from the BAR and started to frequent assiduously, VERY assiduously I would say, local PUBS but especially those in ROME. It was in these clubs that I spent my youth, with lifelong friends sharing laughter and the desire to grow. We were the best patrons of all the clubs, beer galore and goliardia; that was what set us apart, I remember the best nights at the John Bull or the Shamrock, incredible clubs where the concept of PUB or rather PUBLIC HOUSE was at the heart of everything. Then years pass and needs change, roads change, lives change, but for me and the people I have been close to, PUB has always been there. Today's venues are increasingly losing this mission, their identity; the focus is very often solely and exclusively on the product: indeed, the sense of sociability that PUBS abroad and as many years ago BARS here in our country had, is vanishing.

We wanted to recreate a little corner of Scotland (a land very dear to us), a place where you can chat with the bartender, with the person you have sitting next to the bar or listen to good music in peace while drinking a great beer and maybe even eating a good sandwich. The beating heart of our PUB is precisely the bar, where we favor ``social`` drinking with low-alcohol beers, classic ALEs, BITTERs or STOUTs that allow us to drink that extra pint and enjoy the atmosphere around us. It is that place that gives the opportunity to listen to the incredible story of the person by our side, to discuss the nonexistent offside with someone we have never seen before, to form relationships, share experiences and maybe even find love. Hence our focus on the choice of products, beers and spirits. Our mission is to make sure you have an unforgettable experience every time you enter our venue. Moving from Tivoli to Rome and Edinburgh, this passion has never faded; in fact, it has increased as the years and experiences have passed. This is how THE PUBLIC HOUSE was born in 2016. The PUB I've always dreamed of, that place where the bar is the main element, where you can come and have a beer alone, with your partner or friends, that magical place where when you walk in you forget about time.

Il Team di

The Public House

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Fabio Arcangeletti
Maria Chiara Ligis
Responsabile di Sala (Il Generale)
Diego Barillaro
Beatrice Fantini
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